Hindi Ciriculum

We offer Different Levels of Hindi Ciriculum starting at Level I and ending with Level V. In LEVEL I, students learn and memorize, not necessarily read and write but to recognize the objects when they see them in actual life, or in a picture. They also learn to read, write and recognize numbers 1-10 and all vowels in Hindi, learn to write their full name, and learn to speak 10 simple directions (sentences) in Hindi. In LEVEL II, students learn Learn to read, write and speak all the vowels and consonants. Learn the matras. Learn the numbers till 30. Make words with and without matras. Learn the names of their immediate family members in Hindi (writing), all the words learned in Level I in various categories should be learned in this level in a different way, (i.e., they should learn to write and read these words). In LEVEL III, students learn ½ letters and words with ½ letters, introduction to grammar, parts of a sentence, sentence formation, kinds of sentences, nouns, gender, numbers, changing the noun according to number and gender. Learn to make sentences in Hindi. Learn to read and talk more in Hindi. In LEVEL IV, students take the Next step into grammar: pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, and parts of speech. Add on to spelling bee list. Learn Hindi numbers till 70. Learn to write small paragraphs and letters. In LEVEL V, students take the Final step into grammar: proposition (postposition), conjunction, interjection, case, tense. Learn antonyms and synonyms. Note: After level V, it usually requires children one or two additional year to finish the Certificate course. Level VII is the Diploma course.